Environmental protection

The protection of the environment and resources is a corporate task and an essential part of our social responsibility.

At FLAMME we work on environmental protection and develop solutions together with our customers and suppliers in order to continuously optimize energy and resource efficiency, e.g. through the use of modern LED lighting, the use of packaging made from recycled material or emission savings through transport optimization in order to create sustainable values.

Climate protection is inextricably linked to energy consumption. We are constantly working to use the required energy as efficiently as possible. We design our work processes in such a way that the best possible environmental compatibility of our products and services is achieved and unnecessary air emissions, noise pollution, water pollution and waste are avoided.

Energy saving

By using LED lamps and optimizing power consumption, we reduce our energy balance. In addition, our hall roof is equipped with a photovoltaic system and generates solar power.

Resource protection

We use sustainable packaging made from recycled material for the packaging and shipping of our products. Our waste is neatly separated and the raw materials fed into the recycling cycle.


We reduce emissions through the intelligent optimization of our logistics, through the targeted selection of transport routes and cooperation with freight forwarders who use fuel-saving and low-emission equipment.

Climate protection

We attach great importance to sensitizing our employees to the topic of climate protection and to creating new opportunities for their own commitment. We understand that new paths can only emerge if you follow them.