FLAMME Code of Conduct

We comply with applicable law and internal guidelines

In the global environment, the legal challenges are constantly growing. That is why we constantly adapt our processes and systems to the legal framework. In order to emphasize the importance of legal compliance, we as a company have created a code of conduct that is intended to ensure behavior that complies with the law and rules.

Sales partner wanted

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Principle - Compliance with Laws

We comply with the laws of the countries in which we do business. This is a matter of course for our company, regardless of the resulting economic disadvantages. We expect the same from our business partners. Each employee is personally responsible for compliance with the law in his area of responsibility.

Prohibition of corruption

The quality of our products and our service are the key to our success. We do not tolerate corruption. Every relationship with business partners must be designed in such a way that the appearance of corruption is avoided. We therefore refrain from any form of offering or granting advantages that could be understood as an attempt to influence.

Conflicts of Interest

We respect the personal interests and the private life of our colleagues. When business decisions are influenced by private interests, there is a conflict of interest. We make our decisions exclusively on the basis of objective criteria and do not allow ourselves to be influenced by personal interests and relationships.

Fair competition

We are committed to fair competition as a prerequisite for the social market economy and adhere to the laws to protect competition. Our employees undertake to comply with the rules of fair competition. We expressly reject inadmissible or illegal methods.

customer focus

It is our aim to offer our international customers only high-quality products. In order to be able to guarantee this, we demand the highest level of product and service quality from ourselves and our suppliers.

Human rights

Our social responsibility results in the natural observance of and compliance with the law. We respect, protect and promote the applicable regulations for the protection of human and children's rights worldwide as fundamental and generally applicable guidelines.

Occupational health and safety

We take our responsibility for our employees very seriously. The health and safety of our employees are our greatest assets. We guarantee occupational health and safety within the framework of the applicable regulations.

Information security and protection

Company and trade secrets must be treated with absolute confidentiality and may not be passed on to unauthorized persons. This confidentiality naturally also applies to information that we receive from business partners. Conversely, we also contractually commit our suppliers and business partners to secrecy.

data protection

To protect privacy, there are special legal regulations for the handling of personal data. We therefore only collect, store or process personal data if this is necessary for specified, clear and legally permitted purposes.

Company property

The principle applies to our employees that company property must be handled carefully. We treat resources and equipment sparingly, carefully and for their respective purpose. Company property may not be used privately in an impermissible manner.